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Basia-2Welcome to my blog!

How has it started?

The idea was to keep an on-line cook’s file where I would collect all my favourite recipes which I myself could refer back to.

Why Ginger and Turmeric?

Those are two most frequently used spices in my kitchen. Mostly due to their health benefits, but also to enhance flavour and digestibility of prepared food.

What is my background as a home cook?

I didn’t always like cooking and most certainly I wasn’t good at it. In fact I detested cooking. It was something I did because I had to. I often relied on processed foods. All had changed in 2008 after I read about working of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Elements, and how food can influence ones health and well-being. This has opened my eyes to how important food is. Preparing nutritious meals from scratch started to make sense and therefore was worthwhile. With time I have developed a taste and need for delicious, nutritious food, without which I wouldn’t be able to function properly now.

What is my sort of food?

Food that I love is a hearty, comfort food. Mainly stews and soups. My cooking is heavily influenced by where I come from – Poland and what my Mother cooked. Most of my meals are based on real (as in not processed) food produce like vegetables, meat (mostly beef, lamb and turkey), eggs, fish and healthy fats, some grains and pulses. Everything is seasoned with loads of herbs and spices. I also indulge in foods from around the world. My favourite are Indian and Mexican cuisine. Everything I cook is prepared according to rules of Five Elements, meaning all five flavours are included in each meal. Thanks to preparing meals this way, food is not only tasty but also digested more easily.

Where recipes are coming from?

I am the sort of cook who needs an inspiration from some outside sources, whether it’s a book or a blog or a word-of-mouth. You will find references to original recipes under each post. If necessary I tweak original recipes to include all five flavours (aka Five Elements), to make the dish well balanced. Occasionally, I come up with my own creation 🙂

CONTACT: basia@gingerandturmeric.com

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